A simple shift in your perspective can change how you experience everything

I truly believe this. Let’s take a look at the airport Arrivals Hall. For many, Arrivals is just a chaotic pitstop, a frustrating hurdle, an endurance test one must battle through until you reach your final destination. But I never felt like that. Not about Arrivals. Arrivals is the start of everything…

In the film Love Actually, Writer and Director, Richard Curtis opens the film in Arrivals. There is a montage of friends and family, children and grandparents, of old loves, new friends, reunited families, those returning home, with stories to tell, presents to give, hearts filled with joy at the sight of their waiting loved ones. For Richard Curtis, he sees love all around him, in every Arrivals Hall, in every airport, in every country in the world.  

At Skiidy Gonzales, as [ski resort] airport transfer drivers, we spend a lot of time in the Arrival Hall. By the end of each winter season it feels like our second home. But we always see Arrivals in the same way. It is the beginning of the excitement. No day here is the same there. No arrival a replica of the one before. That is how our enthusiasm for our work remains. 

Yes, we always greet you wearing a large sombrero hat, with a beaming smile, and we may have already been at the airport earlier that day. No doubt we have just said goodbye to some other passengers. But with you, we are starting all over. We get to take you to your final destination, driving you up into the snowy mountains. With every turn taking you closer to the alpine peaks, to the freshly groomed pistes, the thrill of first lifts, epic powder days, incredible apres nights and that crisp cold mountain air. We are with you as you first set eyes on those breathtaking views, as the mountain ranges first come into sight, when you realise you are just a series of twists and turns away from snow laden fir trees, sparkling fairy lights, ground crunches beneath your feet with the ever present smell of sweet wood burning fires in the air, an eternal wonderland that will be your snowy playground for an entire week. We get to share in your excitement as we ascend that mountain together and it all starts for us in the Arrivals Hall. 

So, I think one of my top tips for travelling the world, would be to always see Arrivals like Richard Curtis does. There is love and excitement all around. Yes, sometimes there are delays. Yes the weekends can be busy with too many people and way too many oversized snowboard bags. But every single passenger there is on a journey; soon to reach their final destination and, perhaps, like you, soon to be gliding down beautiful fresh corduroy alpine ski slopes. 

There are unexpected treasures in many jobs. I think we’ve got one of the best. Your ski holiday starts in Arrivals -Ski you soon!

Author: Justin Page, Director of transfer company SkiidyGonzales.com
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