I’m always surprised at the number of skiers I meet who seem to dislike skiing in January, usually on the basis that it’s cold and the days are short.

Whilst both these facts are hard to dispute (although here in Les Arcs it’s as warm as spring right now) there are so many other plus factors to hitting the slopes at this time of year that they easily cancel out the negatives. Indeed, January is my favourite month to ski, and here are a few of the reasons why:

Alf Alderson the beautiful view of Les Arcs ski region

1. You’ve just over-indulged over the festive period and are feeling fat, pasty and dejected at the thought of going back to work – so go skiing instead. You’ll soon shrug off the unhealthy effects of too much food and booze and hitting the mountain will raise your spirits to the skies, unlike traipsing into the office in the rain and gloom of good old Blighty.

2. If you like empty slopes and non-existent lift queues they’re virtually guaranteed in January, so even though the days may be shorter and the lift open for fewer hours than in spring you’ll have no problem skiing yourself into the ground.

3. OK, finding the cash for a ski holiday straight after Christmas isn’t always easy, but if you can stretch to it January is always one of the cheaper times to ski. You’ll get especially good bargains if you can leave it until the last minute to book, whilst in resort lift passes are cheaper than at the height of the season.

4. If the snow is good it’s often very, very good in January. Temperatures are usually sub-zero for most if not all of the day, especially at altitude, which keeps the snow in great condition.

So, January potentially provides good snow conditions, uncrowded slopes and lifts, less of a hit on your wallet and is the perfect antidote to Christmas over-indulgence. What’s not to like?