Help! What shall I pack?

Whether you're a beginner or just haven't been for a year, there's always going to be something that you forget, and having to buy replacements at the airport or in resort can be a costly business. Here's the Mad Dog packing list to help you on your way, and follow the links if you want to see just why we're suggesting the stuff we are. Disagree? Please let us know if we have missed anything, just email us at

Tickets or e-ticket print-out
Transfer details
Cashpoint card
European Health Card
Snow sports insurance
- we like ERV and they will give you 15% discount.

Water bottle (but remember you can't take water through security)

MadDogSki Top Dog card game to while away the journey

Ski/snowboard jacket for skiing in and, if you've got space, a pub jacket too
Ski/snowboard trousers
Thermal long-sleeve t-shirt x 3 for six days' skiing

Thermal leggings x 3 for six days' skiing

Good ski socks (not cotton)
Waterproof ski gloves 

Scarf or neck warmer
Woolly hat

Goggles or very close-fitting secure sunglasses

Sun cream

Lip balm with SPF


Sports bra

Tissues (cotton hankies get very soggy)

Mini chocolate bars (for energy bursts and cheering tired people up)

For the evening or day off
Warm clothes (but not too many – remember you're only wearing them a few hours each day
Woolly gloves
Sturdy flat shoes that won't let the slush in
 (two pairs a day if you expect to be on your bum a lot while on the slopes!)
Swimming kit

Extra hat (in case your ski hat is wet with snow)

In the accommodation
Euro adapter plug

Deep heat/ muscle rub


Arnica cream for bruises

Towel if not supplied

MP3 player and speakers


Bottle opener

If driving (Check our top ten tips)
Driver's licence
Car insurance documents

1000+ miles of music
Snow chains (compulsory in Austria and Switzerland where indicated)

Warning triangle (compulsory in France and Austria)

Reflective jacket (compulsory in France and Austria)

First aid kit (compulsory in Austria)
Motorway vignette (compulsory in Austria and Switzerland)

Headlamp correcting stickers (compulsory in France)

GPS with speed camera detection deactivated (deactivation compulsory in France and Switzerland)
Top up with full strength windscreen wash

Skis or snowboard
 (read our beginner's guide to buying)
Bag to carry them in
Avalanche kit if you are heading off-piste

Optional extras for DIY ski tech
Rub-on wax

Melt-on wax

Travel iron
Spare PTex

Lighter or candle
Edge grinder
Duct tape (for fixing everything in the world!)

Lots of bags packed and waiting


And don't forget to try to get it all in under 20kg too - excess baggage charges can be steep! It is worth checking out if your accommodation has a washing machine, just pop in a couple of washing powder tablets and you can keep smelling sweet and save on the baggage allowance. If all else fails, wear your ski boots round your neck on the plane! A bit whiffy, but much cheaper...