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Posted by Hannah Engelkamp 28th March 2012

Which is better, France or Austria? Sure, variety is the spice of life, but mostly because you can use it to inspire vigorous arguments over strongly held preferences.

MadDogSki's founder Kate is a long-time fan of France, while Austria has my heart (and a down-payment on my liver, probably). Want to get your tuppence-worth in? Answer our straw-poll here


Kate, what's so good about France?


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Posted by Charlotte Maddrell 26th March 2012

The sun has got his hat on, hip hip hip hooray! It's a wonderfully balmy 10'C in the village,  birds are singing, windows are flung wide and every square inch of pavement is taken up with bar and cafe tables and chairs. Moreover, everyone is walking around with a dopey but contented grin on their face. Spring is in the air and it (almost) feels like a holiday!

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Posted by Emma Whittaker 23rd March 2012

In my last blog I mentioned that it is possible to ski over to Italy. I found it quite exciting to be able to say that I had skied across a European border without a passport. However, for those of you who are not so easily excited, or have done it all before, why bother?

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Posted by John Barr 20th March 2012

On a Saturday morning in Reading - where I used to live before emigrating to Austria - you’d find “the youth” hanging around the Oracle shopping centre or on street corners in the centre of town.

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Posted by Tim Wilson 19th March 2012

Since their launch in 1995 the Winter X Games have come to be known as one of the biggest freestyle skiing and snowboarding events on the calendar. Until recently they had never been hosted in Europe, but Tignes is holding them for the 3rd time this year from the 14th to the 16th March.

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Posted by Kate Whittaker 19th March 2012

...a combination of buses, trains and a lift in a friend’s car and I arrived relatively painlessly in La Tania on Christmas eve. You could sense the excitement as everyone was looking forward to skiing on a sunny Christmas day after two weeks of almost continuous snow.

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Posted by Dave Burrows 19th March 2012

It’s been a while since I last blogged, mainly due to how busy it’s been at the ski school during the school holidays.  I’m looking at the list of days worked here in front of me and tomorrow will be my first day off snow for ages and I’ve had 5 days off from teaching since the start of February.

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Posted by Kate Whittaker 19th March 2012

That was what the Tirol tourist office promised us and they were right – three days of amazing snow and sun gave me a much needed mid-season snow fix.

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Posted by Kate Whittaker 19th March 2012

What do you get when you mix jagertee with gluhwein? The answer is WildeKuh - a ‘blow your ski socks off’ warming drink served by Kuhtai mountain restaurant Zum Kaiser Maximilian.

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Posted by Jo Clinch 19th March 2012

So today was my first jumper day of the season, with beautiful blue sky and gorgeous sun making for a lovely day on the pistes, improved only by the sneaky beer at the end of the day! I personally love boarding in a jumper rather than a jacket – you feel so much freer, and I’m sure my snowboarding improves when I shed layers!  There were some holiday makers that took the “shedding layers” one step further however, with one man skiing in shorts, and the other bare-chested (unfortunately I couldn’t get my camera out in time to catch them!) I think I’ll leave it at the jacket!

5th November 2013

Skiing with the family can be a real treat, just make sure that you are well prepared and have your childcare arranged before you go. Read our handy tips on skiing with children to ensure you all have a good holiday. There is a great ski holiday deal here from Esprit Ski to the wonderful family friendly resort of La Rosiere. Also there is a great pre-Christmas ski holiday deal to the fabulously chic resort of Courchevel in France.

5th November 2013

Erna Low are specialist in ski drive holidays and there are some great discounts ski holidays below. There are a selection of dates, pre-Christmas, Christmas and end of the season in April to the wonderful Val Thorens. If you need any details about these resorts just click on the names and you will see our resort information along with listings for bars, restaurants and shops in resort. You will also find details of things to do in the resort when you can't or won't ski.

4th November 2013

The season will soon be upon us so here is the weekly round up of snow conditions across Europe and further afield courtesy of J2Ski for the week Ending November 2nd, 2013

4th November 2013

The ski season is getting ever closer and at the Ski Show in London last week there was lots of excitement about a good season ahead. Here are some sweet deals for Christmas and pre-Christmas to Val d'Isere and some others which include free lift passes or free child places... something to tempt everyone to start booking if you haven't already.  Make sure you are signed up to receive our newsletters - they include prizes, news, information and some great ski deals throughout the season.

27th October 2013

With snow falling across parts of the Alps and in the US there are resorts and glaciers opening up for the coming season. Here is the weather report courtesy of J2Ski for the week ending 26th October 2013.

25th October 2013

London Ski and Snowboard Show Yes, you read it right. This year the excellent Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Shows in London and Manchester are giving away 20,000 free lift passes to attendees of the shows who book in advance.

22nd October 2013

Erna Low specialise in self drive ski holidays. Here are some of their latest special offers to some popular resorts in France, the deals include Eurotunnel crossing. If you haven't driven to the Alps before try reading our Top Ten Tips to see if that can persuade you.

22nd October 2013

The following offers are just for ski holiday accommodation - all you need to do is arrange your travel. For information on flighs why not check out our SkiFlightWizard to see who flies where and once you know which resort you are going to just go to that resort and find out the best transfer companies.

22nd October 2013

Ski Total and Ski Esprit have some weekly ski deals here from 15th December, Sunday flights giving you the advantage that the traffic will probably be lighter to resort and the airport may be slightly less hectic! With the snow already falling across the Alps the signs are good for another fabulous ski season. Great news but could mean that places will get booked up quickly.

21st October 2013

Peak Retreats have announced that they have added a new luxury apartment to their portfolio. It includes an indoor heated pool, jacuzzi, sauna and steam room along with a fitness room to keep you fit for the slopes. What's more they are offering a special deal if you book before 15th November and take their ski-drive offer.

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