Still some powder days in Whistler!

Posted by Kitrina H 30th May 2011

One more pow day for May

We don't get holidays in Whistler, we get powderdays. Christmas, Easter we got to work on them all. We give them up for the 20cm rule, so we can start work at noon when it's a pow day. Fair trade, I say. This month we couldn't wait for Victoria Day weekend – we got 20cms on May 10th instead!

Whistler last snowIt was a drizzly day in the valley but I thought, "Whatever, what's a little rain?" A little rain turned out to be a lot of snow! Big fat flakes, falling from grey clouds, and hardly a soul in sight. Occasionally I'd see a bright neon outfit like a skittle-coloured lighthouse in the fog, but there were not many people braving the weather on that day in May.

Victoria Day weekend started out to be a bit sunnier, a bit more crowded. Friday was gorgeous, the kind of day that would burn your retinas without sunglasses, and unless you're wearing a bikini or shorts you would be too hot. My roommate that day on the hiil was wearing nothing but a ballcap, sunglasses, a Canuks jersey (Vancouver's hockey team), matching pants and a smile. The team apparently didn't feel the love and lost the game that night. Then the storm clouds swarmed in again for the whole weekend, that bright ball of fire in the sky is not something we get to see that often this year. I can't even get a decent google tan! Still, I'll give up goggle tans for the snow conditions we have right now for any day.

whistlerJust one more weekend left before the lifts shut down on Blackcomb mountain. Lots to look forward to however, like the Crud to Mud race on Whistler, where competitors ski or snowboard Whistler until the snow runs out then race on downhill bikes the rest of the way. Such a fun race with great energy. Just as fun on the other side of the Fitzsimmons valley is the Slush Cup, a puddle-skimming contest, hopefully in warmer weather. Canucks will be playing for the Stanley Cup and I need to decided which comp to enter.


Smug photos courtesy of Kitrina!

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Kitrina: I was born in Quesnel, B.C., Canada, the heart of B.C's forestry industry. We had a ski hill within an hour's drive from town, and I made many trips out there with friends and family. I always loved it, and said to myself that on the slopes was right where I wanted to spend the rest of my days. Still, I didn't think that was possible, until I moved to Whistler. I've lived there the for the last nine years and haven't looked back. But it is also my dream to ride in my father's home country, Bosnia

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