Powder day in La Plagne

Posted by Ski holiday stories 1st March 2010

The weather forecast was for 8cm! It started snowing late Thursday night and continued all day Friday. On Saturday morning we found 45cm of snow on our balcony after being woken by very loud avalanche control explosions making the windows rattle but the sky was blue and the sun was shining.

Looking out of the window we saw the changeover day madness starting outside with the market in place, all the comings and goings, slipping and sliding and argueing over car parking spaces, nothing new there just another snowy Saturday morning in La Plagne!

As you probably know on changeover day the pistes are usually quiet and this lovely sunny morning didn’t disappoint.

We headed over towards Roche de Mio where the snow can be at its deepest and it’s fair to say that it was well over a metre deep off piste, how do we know, well we saw lots of people flailing around hunting for lost skis! What a great powder day!

beautiful slopes

Little hut nestled in the snow

The conditions on piste and the parts where it is safe to ski off- piste, (as you can imagine the avalanche risk is high), were fantastic, some of the best skiing we have found all season, lots of untracked powder everywhere and the groomed on-piste was superb, the few people that were out and about were having a great time!

Sadly at about 2pm the clouds came in and the light started to go and just as forecast it started to snow. So we headed home.

Plagne Centre was gripped in Julien Lizeroux fever the building was decorated in French flags, posters and messages of encouragement as the local hero was skiing that evening in the Mens Slalom at the Vancouver Olympics.

There was a live band and the large TV screen planned to be outside at Place du Chaudron for the occasion, due to the deteriorating weather it had to be moved to the sports hall, which was a shame because it somehow detracted from the atmosphere. Unfortunately Julien didn’t do as well as perhaps the whole of La Plagne were hoping with a 9th place finish. An impressive performance none the less.




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