Half term madness in Zermatt

Posted by Dan Scott 25th February 2010

“Skanking to Reggae amidst the half term madness”

Well as the half term frenzy is drawing to a close it looks like the spring weather is already on the way. We have been lucky here in Zermatt to be feeling a little unusual warm spell. With plus 14 during the day in town, the temperatures have been quite pleasurable on the piste. Which as you Zermatt regulars will know is quite a nice treat.

Saturday the 20th saw a swiss reggae group called “Kya Bamba” lay down a night of welcome tunes and held host to by far the best party Zermatt has seen this winter. The “Vernissage” was packed out, everyone bopping their heads and grinding their hips till the early hours. Local boy Jonas can be proud to have bought some good music to Zermatt.

they guys posing
The pistes are still in great condition after a few recent sprinkles of snow. The off piste is still in a pretty unstable way. Their seems to be a deceiving amount of snow around but as always the rocks are still very much there. Our thoughts must go out to a local skier “Asher” of “Zermatt Ski Chalets” as he took a super unfortunate fall off piste earlier this month and is currently in a critical way in Bern hospital. All of us here send our wishes to him and his family. Hope your recovering Ash!

So if you planning an off piste adventure, WEAR A HELMET!

On a lighter note, the park is still rocking as much as possible. The pipe is in “rideable” condition but if you’re for freestyle frenzy then be sure to take a trip to the Indian Park in Cervinia and check out the new 20 metre sexy mama which held host to a sunset photo session with pro riders Matt Hammer  and Chris Dufficy who also invited local boys Raffi Sigrist and Ian Mcgrann to ride. I heard it went well, well done boys. Represent!  ESC...

That’s all from me, hope to welcome all you readers here soon, let it snow!



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My name is Daniel Scott, I'm a snowboard instructor based in Zermatt. I’ve been doing seasons for the past ten years and have done every job going in order to stay in the mountains. I’ve slept in many a strange place and been skint for many a season. I’m proud to now say I stuck it out and it's worked well so far. I've been teaching in Zermatt for the past four seasons and now I’m a fully certified ISIA patent instructor. I'm working for a wicked little school called AER Snowboard school (WWW.AERZONE.CH).

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