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Posted by Beth Alexander 27th March 2014

Long-time skier and friend of MadDogSki, Katy Turner, recently took a trip stateside to visit Steamboat Springs, home of Colorado’s famous Champagne Powder snow. Here’s what Katy and her family thought of this famous Rocky Mountain ski resort.

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Posted by Jesse Howe 7th June 2012

The traditional start of summer in the States saw a different type of weather last weekend in the Teton Mountains of northwest Wyoming. Instead of frisbee golf, lawn games and BBQ, the holiday weekend saw powder turns in the high country, and a ‘wintery mix’ down low in the valley (including the town of Jackson, much to the chagrin of visiting tourists not ready for a shot of 20 to 30F [-6 to -1C] degree temps).

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Posted by Hannah Engelkamp 28th December 2011

We MadDogSki desk-jockeys do love reading the blogs as they come in, and here's a particularly special moment, captured and sent in by Jesse Howe in Jackson Hole, Wyoming.

"Thought you would enjoy these pics I snapped moments ago while sitting in my hot tub!

Sent from paradise - pardon the brevity"

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Posted by Jesse Howe 19th December 2011

“I’m moving to Jackson”. Four words uttered under my breath in hushed, revered tones upon hanging up the phone.

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Posted by Jesse Howe 14th April 2010

Birthdays.  Mine falls on April Fools.  You can imagine the litany of jokes and tricks I had to endure in my younger years.  'To be honest it's quite fitting', I am told by those who get to know me before they know my birth date.  I can not help but agree.

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Posted by Jesse Howe 9th March 2010

’16 inches’ says the Snow Goddess.  Did I hear that right?  I call the WPR snow hotline again.  It’s usually a busy signal for a solid ½ hour after a 6-inch storm, yet here sounds that familiar ring.  Press 1, ’16 inches’ she cackles, mocking my foggy cerebrum and the necessity to call twice.
I hit the door running, but everyone else has already extricated themselves from various positions; couch, recliners, there was even a guy sleeping under the stairs on a dog’s bed.

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Posted by Jesse Howe 18th February 2010

“I’m heading to Jackson”.  Drop that gem in the lower 48 and watch everyone’s eyes get big like silver dollars.  The place is legendary – Judaism has Jerusalem, Islam has Mecca.  Those of us in the skiing community who only ski the green circles to get to the bar have Jackson Hole, Wyoming.  The name even rolls off your lips, like a pair of fat skis rolling into 45-50 degree Pucker Face on Cody Bowl.

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Posted by Jesse Howe 4th February 2010

I am not like 99% of American worker bees, in that I actually relish Monday mornings.  They are special to me, because after 3 straight days of running and coaching the largest developmental freestyle ski team in Colorado, I get to hike for my turns at Berthoud Pass with my 2 Newfoundland dogs, Ella and Nieves.  I have reached a point where I enjoy the hike as much as the ski.  It brings me peace and clears my head.


19th November 2013

Here are a few more late ski holidays for departure on 15th December. As the snow is already falling across the Alps and a bumper season is again anticipated you can be assured to get a good amount of skiing in before the festive season. So if you are looking for the ultimate present for the kids then how about a week ski holiday?

19th November 2013

If you are fed up with spending post Christmas picking over the turkey carcass and watching 'Escape to Victory' again on the telly, why not whisk the family off for a great ski break. The deals here are all from Ski Weekends and all start on Boxing Day. This year with Christmas falling on a Wednesday the weekend will start onThursday so a Boxing Day trip is ideal. What better way to round off the festive season, and what better way to work off all those festive party food and booze.

19th November 2013

The ski season is so near now you can almost smell it! The snow is already falling across many ski regions and the promise of another good ski season is tantalizing. The upshot of all this good news is that ski holidays are being snapped up so you many need to get a move on if you want to bag yourself a bargain. Here are a selection from some of the top UK Tour Operators, all ith December departure dates.

19th November 2013

If you are an intermediate or above level of skier and fancy improving your technical and speed aspects of your skiing then Ski Fest could be for you. It is a week-long event from 22-29 March 2014 and along with being a great time to socialise with like minded people, you get to improve your skiing and learning new skills, pushing yourself to your limits and mainly having fun conquering the mountain.

19th November 2013

Every year each ski resort around the globe put together great fun events, new services or offers to attract customers. Here are a few snippets of news from new transfer services to World Cup skiing information.

19th November 2013

As ski holiday deals go we reckon this one is a bit of a winner. Located in the heart of Meribel the Chalet Les Matines is a ski in ski out chalet and is available for just £595 pp for a pre-Christmas ski week. The price includes flights, transfers andfull board accommodation for the week 7 - 14th December 2013.

19th November 2013

The Christmas holidays are a great time for a ski holiday and fabulous for a family ski trip - guaranteed white Christmas and skiing as well... what's not to love?  With snow already falling across the Alps the hopes of another great season are high. Pierre & Vacances still have some holidays left for the Christmas holidays in some of the most popular ski resorts in France.

15th November 2013

If you fancy a free ski holiday to either Meribel or Val d'Isere just enter this competition from Element Ski Travel. Simples.....

15th November 2013

There has been plenty of snow falling in the last week and now the sun is out to show it off in all its' glory. Here is a round-up of the snowfall around the globe, courtesy of There are a number of resorts opening early for the 2013/14 ski season.

14th November 2013

It’s that time of year again (and we’re not talking about Christmas this time), when all the ski gear and holiday companies start launching their winter season competitions. We’ve been seeing quite a few popping up around the web these past couple of weeks, so we thought we’d round them all up for you here. There are all manner of ski holidays to be won, as well as gear vouchers and season passes, so get your email on cut and paste, cross those fingers and throw some salt over your shoulder.

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