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Posted by Hannah Engelkamp 6th February 2012

Several days before the skies over London opened and froze the badly-attired Saturday night partygoers to the bone in nightbus queues across the capital, MadDogSki's founder Kate spotted this little bit of friendly graffiti.

I wonder whether it's a potent snowmaking symbol, since a few days after its arrival you could have crosscountry skied down Chancery Lane, if you weren't too worried about the state of your bases afterwards. And Per is clearly a reference to the Swedish god of generous snowfall*. Spooky!


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Posted by Tim Wilson 6th February 2012

Having travelled widely throughout the world, it should come as no surprise when I see dreadful mistranslations of the English lanuage. But after living in France for a long time, I still find it striking that one of our nearest neighbours sees little need to verify their handiwork before making posters and even basing whole advertising campaigns on their "Franglais". It's not like there aren't any English people around to ask whether offering "Steak and Ships" is a good idea for you official printed menu. (Seen in the Kilimanjaro restaurant in Arc 2000)

6th February 2012

Those lovely people Duncan and Alison at Chez Serre Chevalier have sent us details of some great offers for their chalets. So with the snow conditions so amazing over in Europe it has to be worth checking out. There is also a 20% that extends through to the end of the season - what's not to love?  See more deals


3rd February 2012

If you are planning a ski trip at Easter then you could be going to join in with some great celebrations in Chamonix, St Anton or The Three Valleys. 

3rd February 2012

Still searching for a bargain ski holiday - then look no further. Crystal Ski have announced their 'Wipeout Sale' and there are some great deals in there, with holidays starting at £165.00!!  Have a browse through their site and see what you can come up with...  See more deals

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Posted by Emma Whittaker 2nd February 2012

Hello! I’m Emma – a newbie to the ski season way of life! I am part way through a year out and arrived later than normal to start life as a chalet host in La Rosiere, having replaced someone who decided it wasn’t for them.

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Posted by Dave Burrows 2nd February 2012

Is missing a powder day a crime?  Some would say yes but I guess on some days, it’s a question of priorities.  When your estate agent from the UK rings you up while you’re riding a chairlift and tells you that he’s sold your house, I guess it’s inevitable that you spend the next day doing paperwork, concerned with getting rid of the millstone around your neck that is your remaining link to the UK.

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Posted by Jo Clinch 2nd February 2012

So how did you spend your Saturday afternoon?  Mine was spent racing over 120km in search of checkpoints cunningly hidden behind trees, lakes and buildings!

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Posted by Hannah Engelkamp 1st February 2012

Today's Wednesday Win is a pair of Shin Shields, shock absorbing foam pads that are made from this very clever substance. Check out their own video, demonstrating how good the substance PORON is at, well, absorbing shock!

We quite fancy the idea of spending our days conducting 'experiments' in warehouses with bouncy balls and tall platforms!



31st January 2012

There are some great savings here, upto £284 per person for a weeks half board skiing... tempted? Well you should be, with the fabulous skiing conditions over in Europe they have to be worth a second look!  See more deals


21st October 2013

There is snow falling across parts of the Alps, many glaciers are enjoying powder conditions. Here is a full break down of snow conditions across the globe, courtesy of J2Ski for the week ending October 19th, 2013.

21st October 2013

It’s always exciting to experience the ski scene in a new country, so we were really interested to hear about Ski Sarajevo, a new venture from the Balkan travel experts behind Sail Croatia.

18th October 2013

Erna Low specialise in ski drive holidays, all these deals include Eurotunnel crossing and there are booking date restrictions so you need to be quick to book. If you haven't driven to ski resort before but would consider it then read our Top Ten tips on driving to the Alps and see if that can persuade you. If nothing else it means you can take more than you can carry and don't have to worry about lost luggage or paying for ski carriage.

18th October 2013

As we all know skiing is an expensive holiday but it can be possible to cut costs by booking it all separately. Here are some great accommodation deals from for February next year. Use our SkiFlightWizard to find some ski flights and when you know which resort you are going to our listings will give you details for transfers and in resort information.

16th October 2013

New Year is a very popular time for ski holidays and therefore get booked up very quickly. Here are some deals from Ski Collection for a variety of apartments in major French resorts commencing 28 Dec. All prices include Eurotunnel crossing on these self-drive ski holidays.

16th October 2013

If you are looking for a good deal on luxury skiing then we have something here that may tempt you. These luxury chalets are offered by Ski Total and Esprit Ski , with indoor swimming pool, in-house nursery and free wifi just a few of the luxuries included they may be hard to resist. Read on for more informaton and contact them directly for for full details and to book.

15th October 2013

There are plenty of great deals and discount ski holidays here - from free lift passes to 20% off in school holidays at selected French resorts. The snow is already falling across parts of the Alps so what's stopping you, get on and grab yourself an early bargain while you can.

9th October 2013

As the weather is about to turn here in the UK it is already plummeting across the Alps. There are a number of glaciers open. Here is the latest weather report from the ski regions, courtesy of

9th October 2013

Crystal Ski are offering buy-one-get-one-free on lift passes when you book your ski holiday with them before 21st October 2013. There are plenty of dates and resorts on offer within this deal and prices starting from £282 pp we reckon it's definitely worth looking into.

9th October 2013

The holiday companies are falling over themselves to offer some great deals this season. Ski Total have some fabulous cash back offers in addition to their £19 Heathrow parking with Purple Parking we think they may be onto a winner.

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