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Posted by Charlotte Maddrell 29th February 2012

There's something about a royal visit from the parents for focussing the mind on the finer things in resort. Maybe it's because you secretly want their approval or perhaps, as in my case, you just want them to have a lovely holiday...after all it's a long way from the Isle Of Man! Either way it has you dredging the dusty reaches of your mind for the friendliest bars (many), best value restaurants (few), gentlest green runs (fleetingly schussed across), and most interesting non ski related activities (errrrm).

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Posted by John Barr 28th February 2012

I recently skied with a friend from England who visited for a long weekend. We skied five resorts in four days, and had radically different weather each day.

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Posted by Tim Wilson 27th February 2012

When the snow is falling, most of us seasonaires are looking forward to laying down some fresh tracks with our skis or boards. But there is one mysterious fellow in Les Arcs who is just itching to get his snow shoes on and get artistic.

27th February 2012

Every Tuesday from mid February to the end of March 2012 you can take the first lift at 8am and enjoy a VIP breakfast at the top of the Tougnete chairlift.

24th February 2012

Heathrow Express workers have announced 24-hour strikes on 26th February and 11th March 2012, Airport Parking and Hotels (APH) are offering a 10% discount on airport parking for passengers travelling to Heathrow Airport on these dates.


You must book before 9th March 2012 via their website.

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Posted by Emma Whittaker 22nd February 2012

We are now part way through the busy ‘half term’ period for the UK, France and the majority of Europe and don’t we know it in La Rosiere. The mood has definitely changed and the streets have a lively atmosphere during the day. While the resort has become noticeably busier it’s not in a ‘I can’t move’ kind of way, so don’t be too put off. The bars and restaurants are relatively packed at lunchtimes but the most obvious places to be affected by the high influx of people are the chair lifts.

22nd February 2012

We all know that are excellent almost everywhere now with most of the world’s major ski regions either enjoying sunny periods after huge snowfalls, brings you a breakdown of all the snowfall accross the world.  Austria, Switzerland, Germany, the Pyrenees, Scandinavia and Western North America have all been reporting big accumulations of up to 1.2m (four feet) in the past seven days and the first season-extension announcements are starting to come in.

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Posted by Amie Postings 21st February 2012

I’ve been a bit rubbish on the old blog front, mainly because I haven’t been skiing. The week before last was ridiculously cold; I’d never felt temperatures like it. There were big signs at the bottom of chair lifts warning that the temperature at the top was a death defying minus 25 degrees. When presented with such information, what do you do? Turn around and go home? Or wonder what minus 25 degrees feels like? So on the lift we went and regretted it after about 0.7 seconds.

John Barr's picture
Posted by John Barr 20th February 2012

I was away on business again last week, scheduled to return to Munich airport at 4pm, early enough to miss the worst of the rush hour. But my plane was delayed, and the minibus transfer was caught first in the Munich rush hour, then in the heavy traffic heading towards Austrian ski resorts for the weekend. There’s a lesson there. If you plan to spend a long weekend skiing in Austria and flying into Munich, arriving on Thursday makes for a much more relaxed transfer.

Hannah Engelkamp's picture
Posted by Hannah Engelkamp 20th February 2012

Half term may be over, but there are still months of the ski season left, and record-breaking snow depths right across the wintery world. If ever a season warranted a sneaky off-peak weekend trip, it’s this one. Although most tour operators still adhere to Saturday-to-Saturday trips, there are companies around who cater for the long weekend. Obviously, if you’re going all that way you might as well stay as long as you can but, if a weekend is all you can muster, here are few ideas.


18th February 2014

Here are some great deals for next month - with savings of up to £330 pp on a week in France they might be hard to resist. The first two deals include flights, transfers and accommodation for a week’s stay, the last is just accommodation only.

18th February 2014

Sking with the family is a great adventure and can be fun for all if you plan ahead, see our tips on how to make sure the kids have a good time. Here are a couple of deals that should help with the cost of a family ski holiday.

18th February 2014

With the Olympics well under way bookings at UK indoor and outdoor slopes is on the increase. Why not have a look through these deals and see if you can get further afield. Go on... the snow is great out there! Wth up to £400 savings pp on a week chalet holiday now may be the time to grab a bargain.

17th February 2014

Here is the latest snow report for the week ending 15th February 2014 - courtesy of J2Ski. The conditions are looking good and Scotland is boasting 'best ever' with snow falling daily since Christmas.

11th February 2014

There have been reports of good snow falls in the French Alps so Easter is lining up to be a great time for a ski break.  Here are a few deals to inspire you and tempt you to grab a bargain and dust off your ski gear.

11th February 2014

If watching the fun and excitement of the Olympics has inspired you to hit the slopes yourself then here are a few deals for France. There are some great savings with a half price deal to the lovely Courchevel 1850 - what's not to love?

11th February 2014

The snow is falling well across the ski resorts of Europe and here are some great deals for March, early and late. There are some savings of of up to £240 pp in for luxury accommodation in Tignes, France. Read on for more information and contact the individual tour operators for more information and to book.

11th February 2014

Here are a great selection of ski holiday deals/weekends/free child places and more from some of the top ski resorts. The season is well under way now and snow fall is improving so read on - you might just bag yourself a bargain.

10th February 2014

Bramble Ski, who have a fantastic offer - Chalet Victoria 111 in Verbier, between Sunday 13th April Sunday 20th April 2014 for £10,699 - saving £2038 on the original price. The chalet sleeps 8 and includes a whole host of luxuries including indoor pool, sauna, gym.... read on for full details and to book visit, email or call 0207 060 0824

5th February 2014

Here are a couple of great deals from Esprit Ski and Ski Total for February and March ski dates.

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