Google has just announced an incredible new view of Mont Blanc, which uses their map technology and more to create a 360 degree tour of the mountains and all you can do there. You can now explore all sorts of areas in the Mont Blanc valley as well as on some of the best-known peaks. Normally, a Google car covered with cameras takes photos for the Street Map view on Google Maps. However, this time, instead of a car, Google have loaded up people with light weight cameras that take 360° views as they move around.


This is great news for anyone planning on spending time at Mont Blanc, as they can get a true feeling for the landscape, as well as how it is used. Google arranged for a roster of Alpine world champions to be involved in the process. Among others you can see Candide Thovex performing a massive jump at sunset near the Col de Brenva, as well as grass skiing in the valley. The cameraman might look familiar too – Candide is somehow on both sides of the camera. There’s even a video with him talking about his past and about his jump on Mont Blanc if you look carefully enough.


Other sporting heroes featured on Mont Blanc include Catherine Destiville (French champion rock climber and mountaineer), Ueli Steck (an incredibly fast rock climber and mountaineer), Laetitia Roux (French champion ski mountaineer), Patrick Gabarrou (mountaineer and mountain guide who has explored more of Mont Blanc than most) and Kilian Jornet (long-distance runner and world-class trail runner). Here’s the link.

Can you spot them all?


As well as sports champions, there are plenty of other nice touches to this new view of Mont Blanc. Visit the workshop of traditional ski maker Peter Steltzner, ‘walk’ on the Mer de Glace glacier and witness how much it has shrunk, and look at the outside of the Goûter Refuge, which was given a facelift in July 2015. You can follow known routes and take in some amazing 360° views, and all from your laptop.

But back to that Candide video. If you haven’t already found it, you can access it directly here.