Christmas and New Year weeks have long been and gone and the resort has now quietened down considerably. The snow is finally falling too and the skiing is now all about the powder rather than carving through hardened pistes.

Skier in the wonderful powder in La RosiereOver 2 feet of snow has fallen in the last few days which has done the slopes no end of good. It is a shame there are not so many people around to enjoy it. However, judging from the photo below, there appears to have been a few problems with manners for some of the guests to the resort!

Manners can get you a long way – or save you 30 cents!

An amusing sign about manners outside a french coffee shopThe blackboards have been put up in front of the Chalet Anca bar at the top of the Fort. This is a great place to stop for a quick drink or snack as if the weather is not too cold to stay outside to admire them, and then there are stunning views to both Tignes and Mont Blanc behind. It is quite exposed on the top though so if the weather isn’t too great then there is a very cosy, two roomed, igloo where you can hide away. It’s built into the side of a snow drift and features benches and even has a table in the larger room.

So, having spotted the blackboards one cold afternoon while in search for a hot drink to warm our hands on, we decided to try it out. It had certainly caught our attention after all. Not too surprisingly, our good manners and a please and thank you in French worked and we received our 30 cents off, not just on the espresso but for the hot chocolates too. Fab! We then abandoned our skis outside and huddled in the igloo, wondering which price was the original one…