This moutanin restaurant is a great meeting point - the foot of several pistes in the bottom of this wonderful bowl. With a large suntrap terrace and beautifully modern Savoyard decor on two levels inside this beautiful old shephers hut. The food is very much snack-orientated and express style but well-cooked. Typical menu items are sandwiches, soups, chilli con carne and lasagne. For a more substantial meal have a look next door at Le Michet.
Accessible on foot or on skis at the end of the Faust and Topaze pistes as well as the gentler Epicea green run. Only a couple of hundred metres from the cablecar base station but just far enough to be a bit quieter and more charming than the other snack bars in that area.
Open 9.30am - 5 pm daily.
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L'Eloge, Chef lieu Flaine, 74300 Flaine, France
+33 4 50 90 85 91

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