This has to be the coolest ‘design hotel’ in the Laax/Flims region, not just from an architectural and design perspective, or for the fact that it offers multi-media rooms and suites with x-box, flat screen TV or ceiling mounted projector and modish lighting. No, the Riders Palace is cool because the people who go there are cool. In addition to the rooms and suites, the hotel also offers ‘back to basics’ – single sex rooms sleeping 4 or 5 people in bunks. Beds can be reserved individually or you can book a whole room. A great way to get a reasonably priced place to stay that’s still stylish. The hotel isn’t that big, just 70 rooms, but they all have an edgy urban feel. In addition the bar and lobby areas are great places to hang out, and in the evenings come alive with DJs and drinks. The club has attracted some big names in recent years with a seasonal residence by Ministry of Sound in the past. The bar is open 24 hours which, as I found, means it’s not just après ski, but suddenly as the sun comes up its pre ski as well. Usefully the lobby also offers internet access. Food is served in the bar.


+41 81 927 97 00


Base Station, 7032 Laax Murschetg, Switzerland