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  1. Where are all the frequently asked questions?
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  3. How do I find a weekend ski trip?
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1. Where are all the frequently asked questions?

Ah, a very good question. They are, as they say, under construction. If you have a burning one that you'd like to see dealt with here, just get in touch and we'll tell you the answer.

2. How do I find a weekend ski trip?

The majority of ski companies only deal with Saturday-to-Saturday holidays. There are some who don't though. Of course, all hotels will do whatever nights you like, but are often rather more expensive.We posted a ski weekends article with some ideas here. Or have a look at these ski weekend companies - all either specialise in, or do a range of, ski weekends.
If you just want some offers, you can put in your requirements here: and we'll send it on to a bunch of our favourite tour operators (including all those above). They will then send their best offers directly to you.

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